Marketing Concept and Social Marketing Concept: Difference 2021

 Marketing Concept and Social Marketing Concept: Difference 2021

The upcoming discussion will update you about the difference between a marketing concept and a social marketing concept.

“The marketing concept begins with the company's target customers and their needs and wants. The company integrates and coordinates all activities that will affect customer satisfaction. The company gains through creating and maintaining customer satisfaction. In short, the marketing concept is supported by an integrated marketing effort aimed at generating customer satisfaction as the key to satisfying the needs and wants-orientation organizational goals of consumers ”sees Philip Kotler.

The marketing concept accepts the consumer as king. This concept differs from selling because it starts with the needs and desires of the customer, integrates marketing functions, and provides consumer satisfaction at a profit, while the concept of sales is only related to the volume of sales and the needs of the company Is related.



Unfortunately, advanced countries such as the United States do not have NRI companies that have adopted the marketing concept. Only a handful have adopted the marketing concept in the true sense, compared to Procter & Gamble, IBM, Gillette, Kodak, GEC and a few others.

Most companies have not reached the 'full marketing maturity stage'. As Kotler states, "Most companies do not understand or embrace the marketing concept unless it is driven by circumstance."

Thus, the marketing concept needs a central position or position in a business firm to satisfy and satisfy customers' needs. If customers are to be satisfied then they have to influence and control another department.

This satisfaction can be given if other departments like Production, Finance, Personnel, and Research & Development carry out their tasks in constant cooperation and coordination with the marketing department.



This aspect can be depicted as follows:

marketing concept

It will be seen that although the customer or consumer is at the center of the circle, he is satisfied with the marketing concept which is assisted by the other four functions of management while selling the concept means that the consumer is zero.

The Society Marketing Concept goes beyond the marketing concept as it relates to the long-term benefit of consumers and the well being of society. This includes pollution, inflation, scarcity and neglect of social services.



The question is whether the firm that does an outstanding job of serving, serving, and satisfying an individual customer is certainly acting in the long-term interests of consumers and society. The marketing concept moves in favor of potential conflicts between the consumer, consumer interests and long-lasting social welfare.

Thus, we can say that the marketing concept is narrower in meaning and content than the social marketing concept. If, for example, wine and whiskey are harmful to health, why should manufacturers produce? Why do they make cigarettes and waste the health and money of consumers?

In India, it has become a major nuisance and a threat. In other words, we can say that construction companies have forgotten their social responsibilities because they are very concerned with profit only.

Following Philip Kotler's comments, it can be said that the social marketing concept is to determine the needs, desires and interests of target markets and in a way provide the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than competitors. Holds organizational functions for. Or enhances the well being of consumers and society.



The social marketing concept asks marketers to balance three considerations in determining their marketing policies:

1. कंपनी का मुनाफा,

2. consumer satisfaction, and

3. Social interest.



In India, the social marketing concept is barely understood by marketing / manufacturing companies. The Golden Tobacco Company is involved in the manufacture and offensive advertising of harmful cigarettes, yet speaks of its good management. Even magazines like Business India or Business World give a good image of such companies. But the truth is that it does not fit the social marketing concept.

The social marketing concept is a basic requirement in India. This requires veil qualified and competent professionals in the marketing department.